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Top 7 Benefits of Shampoo Bars

Ready to make the switch from your traditional shampoo bottles to a shampoo bar, but not sure it’s right for you? Learn about the benefits of shampoo bars and how they can help not only your hair and scalp but the planet as a whole. Plus, see how convenient and simple they are to use. Before you know it, you might just be throwing away those plastic bottles and swapping them out.

Benefits of Shampoo Bars

While it might just seem like just another bar of soap, shampoo bars actually boast a host of benefits for your hair and scalp that you may not have heard of before.

Zero Waste

My personal favorite is that shampoo bars produce zero waste, especially when they come in compostable packaging like ours. No plastic bottle to recycle, just a cardboard box to add to your compost or worm bin. Feel good about your positive impact on the planet.

Shampoo Bars = Less Water = More Potent

Without a plastic bottle, there’s no added water to the shampoo bar. You get all the ingredients your hair and scalp need without all the water. Again, making that positive impact on the planet while nourishing your hair and scalp. Most traditional shampoos are 70-80% water meaning they’re heavily diluted and waste valuable resources along the way.


Since there’s no additional water added and the ingredients are jam-packed into a solid bar, you can expect it to last longer than traditional shampoo bottles would. Typically, letting you enjoy the same bar for 2-3 months before needing to order another one. Giving that first compostable box plenty of time to break down before having to add another one to the compost bin.

Travel friendly

Another thing that makes shampoo bars so great is that without the added water, you can pack these into our carry-on bags. And, they barely take up any space at all! The most travel-friendly way to wash your hair on the go.

No Toxic Ingredients

To make them even better, our shampoo bars contain no harsh chemicals. These include sulfates, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, and triclosan. We use ingredients naturally found in nature alongside organic essential oils for their healing benefits. This means you can wash your hair and everyone in your family without worrying about causing more damage than good to your hair and scalp.

Cleansing Without Drying

Due to there being no toxic ingredients in our shampoo bars, you are able to cleanse the hair without stripping it of its natural oils. We need those natural oils for protection. Striping them away with harsh shampoos just causes more oils to be produced. This causes a need to wash your hair more often. The benefits of shampoo bars are a cleaner feeling + less washing. 

Shampoo Bars Require No Conditioner

Lastly, you don’t need conditioner when using a shampoo bar. The oils aren’t getting stripped away. Therefore, you don’t need to lather up with a conditioner to replace them and make the hair feel soft. Instead, you can enjoy naturally soft and radiant hair with one simple product: a shampoo bar.

Notice your scalp is dry or itchy? Before washing your hair apply oil like sesame or fractionated coconut oil with tea tree essential oil mixed in. Then wash your hair as usual with the shampoo bar, relieving you of that dry itchy scalp naturally. 

Make the Switch to Shampoo Bars

Deciding to switch to shampoo bars is one of the best choices you can make for your hair and the planet. At first, your hair will take some adjusting to the new routine. However, after a few cycles of washing, you will be enjoying shining radiant hair with a healthy scalp all through the powers of nature and her bounties.

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