Wellness is what you put into it.


Who We Are

Our vision is to bring natural wellness into everyone’s homes. Reminding people that nature can provide us with all that we need. To do this we source only organic or sustainably harvested herbs combined with lots of love to bring you herbal products that give you a simple way to live healthier.

Our Mission

We believe Mother Earth is our greatest teacher and provider. That’s why we are committed to providing safe, non-toxic products formulated with inputs directly from nature for your mind-body & home

alternative healing with herbal products
Rebecca paisley


An herbalist and wellness coach striving to bring natural healing to all. Rebecca has been mixing up magical potions ever since she was a little girl playing make-believe. With a B.S. in Alternative Medicine, she is dedicated to listening to the plants and helping others use nature to heal themselves.

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Sharing tips, tricks, and herbal products to help you bring wellness into your everyday life.

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